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Your Reform UK Parliamentary Candidate for

Houghton & Sunderland South


Conservatives have truly broken Britain and Labour will Bankrupt Britain. This is the time for change, and as we know it - change is possible!

I hear a lot of people refuse to vote, believing it a pointless exercise. Conspiracies running rampant believing the system is fixed, that nothing will change. However, we proved this wrong when we voted for Brexit. This is a change we stood for, this proves our voices can be heard.

As the popular saying goes "shy bairns get nowt" This is why i ask of you; spread the word, share the news and join us. Only through increasing numbers can we make a stance against the plans laid out before us.

If you wish to support us in anyway... please share our content, follow us on social media, youtube and spread the word. There are still many people that have never heard of Reform. Lets bring them good news. Together we can make change into a reality.

As your next MP, I will be committed to transparency, integrity, and accountability in politics. Reform UK  have NO whip system which means I am free to vote and work in your best interest, not that of any political party or union.


For my whole life; I have given back to my local community. Building on hopes; dreams; and aspirations. All with the agenda of making the "Houghton and Sunderland South" constituency - a place to be proud of. I have worked hard within the background of my community to instill a sense of belonging, filling with pride and building a culture of love and respect.

From many voluntary activities to raise funds and create opportunities for my peers; to my rewarding career as a mental health nurse helping those who are struggling to find their inner strength. I have done this without recognition, as many of you will be unfarmiliar with my face, wondering who exactly I am.

Well this is me! I strongly believe that one thing this country needs is change. That change being Reform. At least for our next generation. I do this for the future of our children!

As I sit as a councillor within Hetton Town Council and see the spark of independence from my neighbours with inspiration from all those around me, I stand for those who feel silenced; those who feel ignored and without a voice. From everyone i speak to, we all have one thing in common.

We all recognise a crucial fact. That Britain as we know it - is broken. The word "Conservative" is now interchangeable with "failure" and a lot of us find that word so offensive that it turns our stomach into fits of rage.


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