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Washington & Gateshead South

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I believe in prioritising the needs and concerns of the community above all else, focusing on people before politics. I am dedicated to creating positive change and serving the people of Washington, the North-East and ultimately our country. I want to shake up the political landscape both locally and nationally.

I am not your ‘typical career politician’ that`s for sure, and that is what we need in the Northeast, someone who will put people before politics.

I got involved with politics in 2019 because I wanted to improve the lives of those around me, so I joined the Conservative Party because traditional British values are important to me and I was lead to believe that this was the home for patriots; I was later elected as a Councillor for Washington in 2021.

Democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect are all things that matter to me, and I had expected to see this within the party, however the Conservative Party are no longer conservative, they no longer represent the values I, and many others believe in, and so I found a home in Reform UK, defecting in 2023.

I could see that our flawed political system was a magnet for those seeking power, rather than serving the public, too few politicians are focusing on the public's interests. There is a real lack of quality Councillors and MPs, many serve their own interest and those of the party they serve, with the public being an afterthought. Like many people I believe we need to have strong politicians with leadership skills and the ability to inspire and unite communities.

I want to address these underlying issues by promoting transparency, accountability, and inclusivity in politics and help attract and retaining competent individuals as Councillors and MPs.

As your next MP, I will be committed to transparency, integrity, and accountability in politics. Reform UK  have NO whip system which means I am free to vote and work in your best interest, not that of any political party or union.


I am married with 4 Children, we have lived in Washington for 7 years, My wife is a Nurse at sunderland Royal hospital so the NHS is something I am passionate about.

I began my professional career in the Royal Navy, training as a chef I served around the world traveling to every continent.

As a Royal Navy Veteran, I am proud to have served my country and proud to have been a part of such a prestigious and historic institution. The training and discipline instilled a deep sense of pride which will never leave me, but I like many others see pride in our country at an all-time low, we need to change that.

Our culture is being eroded by woke ideology, our taxes are going up in the name of net zero, and our democratic freedoms along with it.

We need to take a stand and say enough is enough, we want our country back, we can do that by electing Reform UK Councillors and MPs who will work for the people not against them.


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