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My main political points of concern facing Sunderland


  • Lifting the tax threshold to £20k gives Sunderland workers an extra £1,500 a year in their pocket, thus helping reduce the 5.5 million in out-of-work benefits by making work pay.
  • Campaigning for net zero immigration to stop wage compression and secure our borders by a zero-tolerance approach to illegal boat crossings.
  • Attracting high-quality and well-paid employment to Sunderland by backing the return of maritime industries via the existing government national shipbuilding strategy, along with scrapping business rates to encourage small businesses to thrive.
  • Cheaper energy and zero NHS waiting lists via our fully costed plan at



I was born in Sunderland and have lived around the city all my life. I am now currently residing in Thornhill, Sunderland. My family background is in shipbuilding, steelwork, and heavy industry. I have had a long career in financial services, and I am proud of the history of our city but wish for a safer, prosperous, and prouder future.

Like many residents, the city holds a special place in my heart. I am not a career politician parachuted into Sunderland from hundreds of miles away, but I care deeply about the direction our city is heading in. Sunderland’s best days could well be ahead of us if we are willing to push for a brighter future. Reform UK is the only show in town to deliver this bright future!


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